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SP POWER FARM GROUP LTD. ("SPpf") is the intellectual property owner and provider of the unique, patent-pending exoPOWER wind turbine technology.

SP Power Farm Group Ltd. is a private Canadian corporation that is engaged in the development and commercialization of the next generation of wind turbines classified as External Axis Wind Turbines ("EAWT").

The corporate group's mission is to utilize its patent-pending wind turbine technologies, in concert with state of the art engineering and innovative scientific processes, to become the foremost provider of wind power technologies.

SP POWER FARM GROUP BC LTD. ("pfBC") is a private Canadian corporation that holds certain manufacturing and distribution licenses for the exoPOWER wind turbine technology.

pfBC’s mission is to be the foremost global OEM and licensor of best-in-class wind turbine systems, which deliver long term commercial, social, and environmental benefits for all stakeholders.

The collective vision of SPpf and pfBC is to bring power to people all over the world in an environmentally responsible and economically sustainable way.

Too many people in too many places in the world have no or limited energy...the companies’ management and shareholders envision generating and distributing power to the global nation, where modern conveniences that are experienced by western and developed nations can be made available to everyone on the planet, and where black-outs and brown-outs can be a thing of the past.

SPpf and pfBC plan to accomplish this in an environmentally-friendly way by using wind as the fuel source and employing SPpf’s External Axis Wind Turbine technology that will eliminate the need for carbon emitting fuel sources and the disposal of dangerous by-products.

After all, Power belongs to everyone...

Clean energy to power your world

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