A quantum leap in wind turbine technology

SP Power Farm Group has developed a disruptive technology that is about to revolutionize the way wind is harnessed to generate power for your world...

As early as the year 200 B.C., there have been many designs and types of wind turbines.  To date, all have either been of the vertical or horizontal axis wind turbine design with a single, central hub.   

The exoPOWER wind turbine system is a proprietary, patent-pending technology whose design is based on the wind blades (or SAILS) being positioned on the circumference of a ring frame where multiple bearings and supports share the stress and torque equally of a rotating turbine allowing the exoPOWER wind turbine system to be quiet, stable, free from vibration, and efficient.  

This simple, yet break-through design has created a new class of wind turbines – the external wind axis turbine (“EAWT”).  The wind sails on the exoPOWER EAWT sit upright, positioned between ring frames that lay horizontally, which enables the sails to be pushed by the wind as it lays into the wind’s “sweet spot” for the entire revolution, impervious to the direction the wind is traveling rather than having the wind “slice” through the blades of a conventional three-blade horizontal axis wind turbine (“HAWT”).

The exoPOWER wind turbine rotates on a track, eliminating the need for a central hub, or the nacelle with all of its complex components (yaw motors, gear boxes, transmissions, cooling system, brake mechanisms).  Therefore the need for oils, greases and coolants to keep the moving parts lubricated and in working order that is common to conventional three-blade HAWTs are reduced or eliminated.

The exoPOWER wind turbine is scalable at the machine level, and its design allows for the exoPOWER to be stack-able, allowing for higher orders of power generation compared to conventional three blade HAWTs.


Coupled with the "exoHOUSING", which is capable of influencing the wind, the exoPOWER will require less wind load to generate power when compared to conventional three-blade HAWT, and conversely, will be operable at extremely high wind loads.    

Simple in design with very few moving components, the exoPOWER wind turbines allows for ease of design, manufacturing, building, transportation, installation, operation and maintenance.  

Many locations in the world have limited or no access to electricity.  Other locations may rely on environmentally damaging expensive diesel generation and other forms of carbon based fuels.

The revolutionary exoPOWER External Axis Wind Turbine offers a simple solution for helping remote residential, commercial and industrial communities with a source of clean renewable wind energy.

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