Harnessing the power in every breeze

The next generation of wind turbines have arrived...

The exoPOWER External Axis Wind Turbine (“EAWT”) is a new class of wind turbines that holds the promise of revolutionizing the way wind is harnessed to generate power.

Until now, the conventional three blade Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines (“HAWT”) have been the turbines of choice among wind farm operators.

The blades, or “sails”, of the exoPOWER EAWT are positioned vertically along the circumference of an external ring frame laid horizontally that is mounted on a track also laid on the horizontal where the stress of a rotating turbine is distributed evenly along the ring frame.  

The design of the exoPOWER EAWT opens up markets for wind power generation that were previously not available. Additionally, the technology is scalable at the machine level with the exoPOWER EAWT being stackable.

With this fundamental change in design, SP POWER FARM GROUP has defined an entirely new class of wind turbines – the External Axis Wind Turbine (“EAWT”).

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The exoPOWER External Axis Wind Turbine (“EAWT”) - a quantum leap in wind turbine technology

Wind turbines that can be integrated into the landscape

Designed to reduce audible and low frequency noise

Designed to enhance Power Generation Output

Designed to be Modular and


Designed to operate at low and extremely high wind speeds

Designed to be transported using standard shipping containers