A new class of wind turbines ready to disrupt the conventional way of generating wind power

Simple elegance of the exoPOWER EAWT…

The exoPOWER EAWT design opens up markets that were unimaginable and promises to reshape how wind is harnessed.  

Some of the features and benefits of the exoPOWER EAWT include:

Very few moving parts - the turbine wheel is the only major moving component of the exoPOWER EAWT

Rail track supported turbine with multiple stands around the circumference

Scalable and stack-able up to four exoPOWER EAWT or more per site

Ease of transportation to site locations

Ease of assembly and installation on site

Magnet and coil pack for power generation

exoHOUSING allows options for storage of energy and other means of energy generation

By design, the exoHOUSING protects wildlife, moderates noise and reduces visual pollution

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